Library and information service

The library and information service of the Finnish Association of The Deaf is open to everyone, it’s a specialized library that’s concentrated on the Deaf and the Sign language field. It provides information about the history, culture and eduction of the Deaf as well as Sign language. The library of the Finnish Association of the Deaf also works as a course library for the Helsinki campus of the Humak University of Applied Science.

Information about the library

The library’s material can be borrowed on the premises, by phone, mail or e-mail.
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Humak Finna

In Humak Finna you can find the library’s resources including:

  • printed books, e-books
  • electronic journals and articles
  • audiovisual materials
  • theses
  • links to databases



The library’s opening hours are mon-fri 9.00-15.00

Be sure to check the opening hours beforehand if you are coming from a distance or if you want to do some more elaborate research.

Tel.: + 358 9 5803 522
mobile phone: + 358 40 587 2135


Ilona Leppänen
Tel.: + 358 9 5803 522
mobile phone: + 358 40 587 2135

The Finnish Association of the Deaf (FAD)
Library and information service
Ilkantie 4,



The library can send material directly to the customer when needed (see the service rates).

The borrowing and returning of sign language children’s programs is free of cost. Loans can be also sent free to students doing their degree work requiring that they deliver a loan item of their finished work to the library’s collections.

It’s possible to borrow books from other libraries outside the metropolitan area (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen). With interlibrary loans the fees for the loans is set by the lending library. Books that are ordered to be loaned from storage libraries are free.

The library sends article copies from it’s own collections (see service rates). It is also possible to order article copies from other libraries, fees are set by the sending library. Library copies ordered from storage libraries are free.

The information service is free. The library does material searches from it’s own database and according to possibilities from other databases. You can send a request an information search via e-mail or with the form for request for information retrieval. The request should include the name of the person sending the request, e-mail address, the purpose of the search request (degree work, presentation etc.), the theme/topic of the search, what form the material is requested in (book, thesis, video tape, article), possible search words, what language is preferable and a deadline or schedule when the material has to be ready. The results of the search are preferably sent via e-mail to the customer.

You can read Finnish and foreign magazines from the Sign language field in the library’s reading room. There’s also a VCR and DVD player which enables the possibility to watch programmes in Sign language. The old volumes of the Deaf magazine and other archive material from the Finnish Museum of the Deaf can also be ordered to the library’s reading room.

There’s one customer computer in the library and it has an internet connection.

In the library there’s a copying machine, copying costs 0,30 €/ page

Using the library

Everybody has the right to use the library of the Finnish Association of the Deaf. By signing the customer form the customer commits to the library’s terms of use.
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You can get a borrowing permission by signing a library customer form. By signing the customer form the customer commits to the library’s terms of use.

The information in the customer register of the library of The Finnish Association of The Deaf is used only to monitor borrowed material. Personal information or borrowing information is confidential.

The register report is available in the library.

The customer is obligated to report changes in his/hers personal- or contact information. The customer is responsible for all borrowed material and is obligated to compensate for all lost or harmed material in accordance with the demands of the library.

Borrowing material

The library doesn’t have a special library card. Customers can borrow material with a picture ID or the library can activate a prior, already existing library card.

When contacting the library by phone or via e-mail the customer has to present his/her client number, which can be found on the borrowing receipt.

The library’s material can be borrowed, reserved, and loans renewed via telephone, text message or e-mail. You can also reserve and renew loans via the Internet. In order to do this you need a client number and a four number PIN-code that you can obtain from the library.

The general loan period is 28 days. Borrowed material should be returned no later than the due date.

If the material doesn’t have any prior reservations the loan can be renewed. You can renew your loans max. ten times. You will loose your permission to borrow if you don’t return the items you have borrowed.

Magazines can’t be borrowed.

Humak Finna is Humak’s local site of the national Finna service .

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