Course for deaf immigrants 19.8.2019-5.6.2020

Come and study with other deaf immigrants! We have students from many different countries studying in our international school. Our teachers are professionals with comprehensive experience in the field of sign language.
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During the course you will get knowledge and skills needed in everyday life as a deaf person in Finnish society. Your integration will become easier and you can start to plan your next steps, such as further education or finding employment.

Content of the course

Themes of the course include:

  • Finnish Sign Language
  • Finnish as a Second and Foreign Language (writing and reading Finnish)
  • ICT
  • Finnish Society
  • Employment skills

You will also receive information about your right to access services in sign language, for example sign language interpreting services.

Study period

The course runs for 37 weeks from 19.8.2019 to 5.6.2020. You will be studying 4 or 5 days per week (20 or 25 hours per week). The total length of the studies is 1-4 years depending on your entry level. The studies will be held at Valkea talo in Helsinki, mainly on weekdays from 9.00-13.30.

Study fees, meals and accommodation

  • 5 days / week 3922€ (106 € / week) 
  • 4 days / week 3515€ (95 € / week)

To cover the cost of your studies, you can apply for various benefits from Kela (Social Insurance Institution of Finland). Examples of these include vocational rehabilitation, study grant, or training vouchers.

Lunch is available at the school at a reduced student price. Our dormitory also offers reasonably priced accommodation.


Please register by using our electronic enrolment form.

Cancellation terms and conditions

If you wish to cancel your studies, you need to give the school a notice of cancellation in writing. Payment will be charged up until the date of the cancellation notice. 

Contact information

Tuija Mustonen
GSM: +358405487740 (text / video messages only)
Skype: tuija.mustonen.kko

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