The Sign Language Library

The Sign Language Library is a web-based library of material in signed languages. Some of the material has been translated into Finnish or Swedish. The library records the cultural history and the language of the sign language users in Finland.
The material is easily accessed by anyone and using the library does not require registering for the service. The library is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.
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The purpose of the Sign Language eLibrary of Finland ( is to collect and produce materials in sign language and distribute it free of charge.

The library produces its own materials and compiles materials in sign language from other producers as a portal. Materials are supplemented weekly taking into account the clients’ wishes, and to provide materials in a wide range of topics for both learning and entertainment purposes. The majority of the materials is either voiced over or subtitled into Finnish to enable accessibility to non-sign language users. The user interface is in both official languages of Finland, i.e. Finnish and Swedish. The eLibrary will develop along with new opportunities offered by technology and changes occurring in society, as well as with the wishes expressed by its customers.

The library is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Page updated 12.4.2016