Suomen kielen alkeiskurssi, osa II - Finnish for Beginners, part II (1.4. - 31.5.2019)

"Very good, motivated teacher, included everyday-situations, which was very helpful, good class size, good pace and enough repetition in order to learn and not be unmotivated."

"I liked the fact that we had variety in our class. It was engaging because of the various games and acitivities we had during the class. I liked Kahoot-game and team activities, I think they are a great tool to teach us Finnish."


Kurssi on tarkoitettu kuuleville.

Ensisijaisesti kurssipaikan saavat osaan I osallistuneet opiskelijat.


Aloitustaso: A1.3.

1.4. - 31.5.2019

Ma - to klo 9.00 - 13.30.
*(20 tuntia viikossa)

*HUOM! Kurssi on mahdollista käydä myös viisipäiväisenä (ma-pe), jolloin opetusta on 25 tuntia viikossa. Perjantai on pääsääntöisesti etäopiskelua. Hinta on sama (360 €).
Opetusta kurssilla on yhteensä 180 (/225) oppituntia.

Hinta: 360 € TAI 0 € (jos sinulla on TE-toimiston kanssa tehty kotoutumissuunnitelma)



The course is meant for hearing people.

Primarly, a course place will be given to the students who took part in Part I.


Starting level: A1.3.

1.4. - 31.5.2019

Mon - Thurs from 9 am to 1.30 pm.
*(20 lessons a week)

*The course can also be held from Monday to Friday when it includes 25 lessons a week. Fridays are mainly distance studying. The price will be the same (360 €).
The course includes 180 (/225) lessons in all.

The price: 360 € OR 0 € (if you have an integration plan made by TE-office)


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